Public Trust - Tier 2 (Recent Chapter 7)

I am a current federal employee; employed since January 2017. I started a position that required Moderate Risk in 1/2017 had interview with investigator 9/2017. Fast forward to 6/2018 - I accepted a job that was low/risk. They did not require me to complete an eQip because they said I had already completed one (I’m guessing the SF85P I did 1/2017).

My question is, I guess I’m confused because the agency from 1/2017 said that my investigation was not complete as of the time I transferred to the other agency. If that’s the case, why was I not required to do another eQip in 6/2018 for the other agency.

Fast forward to today, I was recently made an offer to a position that requires Tier 2 Moderate public trust. Since I did eQip in the last 5 years, will I have to do another one. Also, I had to file Chapter 7 August 2018 due to separation. None of my bills were delinquent at the time but I had an iron tight pre-nup and my spouse did not want to help me with anything.

Do you see foresee an issue with obtaining Moderate PT? After all that, we ended up reconciling a year later smh

Also, is it possible OPM was finished with my investigation at the time and the agency just hadn’t reviewed on their end for adjudication?