Two eqip investigations


I have accepted an offer from a federal agency (Agency 1) which will start in a few days - they have asked me to come in and attend an in person security interview, get fingerprinted this week and fill up eqip for public trust

At the same time, another federal agency (Agency 2) that I was interviewing with wants a suitability assessment so have shared an eqip link to be filled up this week. They will only issue an offer after suitability is complete.

Can both happen simultaneously? Not sure which to fill. Can not afford to remain unemployed, but agency 2 is my preference even though I only have an offer from agency 1.

Can someone help with what my options are or if I can go ahead and fill up both the eqip links

According to the rule book there can only be one investigation open at once. This rule is sometimes violated.

As far as an eQIP request, I suppose there could be multiple eQIP requests but the second investigation won’t (or shouldn’t) open while the first one is open.

I understand that some agencies run their own eQIP servers… maybe that way the two streams won’t cross. Of course then your previous answers won’t be pre-populated. Woe be unto you if the two questionnaires aren’t IDENTICAL (to include mistakes :slight_smile: )

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