Public trust sf-85P vs. dual citizenship

Public trust sf-85P high risk BI, 2019

Will it be raising an red flag for an applicant with dual citizenship in any of the following situation?

  1. During BI in person interview, I was being questioned by the investigator whether I have ever traveled by used None US passport. What’s this about?
  2. May I withdraw the clearance in the middle of the clearance process? In other words, do I have a RIGHT to cancel the process? How?
  3. My prior supervisor was got called to schedule a in-person interview at my job reference. The investigator had requested to meet my prior co-worker at her/his work.
  4. My mother at her age at 83. The investigator was asking me when it’s my last time contact with my mother. What’s my mother contact address in oversea? Who is the contact knows where my mother live? How I usually contact my mother by phone or by text or something else?

This is my first time applied a contractor position related to Federal Government.
Please advise.

What exactly is your question? Those are all very normal occurrences.

It’s my first time.

Will an applicant have a right to cancel the process in the middle of clearance? if I am no longer interested the position e.g. length of the time, it’s taking too long.

In short, I want to email my agency that “I am no longer interested at the position. please cancel the clearance process”. Will it cause a trouble to me? Will the process get cancelled immediately at my will or not?

Just notify your agency, process will be cancelled eventually but the investigation may continue if the cancellation is not communicated to the field.

I did email a note “withdraw” to my agency one week ago. He replied to me “it was the last stop. Just waiting on adjudication. We should hear very soon.”.

However, the clearance process is still on going. e.g. work reference. My supervisor was got call from a male investigator. This was the different person who had interviewed me.

At this point, I really got confused the consequence. What’s the best effectively way to notify my agency to cancel the clearance? Shall I inform my investigator, too? if email was not good enough…Shall I be better to send a certified letter?

Please advice.
Thank you

You can send the email again or call the employer directly. Or wait until your backgrounds finishes and decline the offer when they give it to you.

Refer back to origin # 1 May I ask for a copy list of these additional questions from my investigator?

During BI in person interview, I was being asked a long list of additional questions. Investigator took the record in written.

I wonder whether it’s allowed to follow up a specific question for clarifying after the interview? I didn’t remember the whole sentence. I am afraid I may not fully understand the question.

Please advise.

No, Investigator will not give you copies of his questions.

If further clarification is needed, the Investigator will contact you.

Public trust sf-85P high risk BI, my agency replied “it was the last stop. Just waiting on adjudication. We should hear very soon”.

As a matter of fact, the status for my clearance so far, I only had one and only one interview with one investigator. My work reference was scheduled to process next week. I have not heard any request to any of three credit bureaus.

As my first time to do a clearance, I do not see a sign as agency responded “SOON”. Based on the information posted on this site. It seems still a long way to go for a completion at my clearance.

What’s the next following steps for sf-85P high risk?

Next steps are you sit and wait.

You will be notified by your company when it is all done.

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