Public Trust High Risk-Personal Interview

I submitted my SF-85P (Public Trust high-risk) mid January, and just met with an Investigator at my house (two months later); I had prepared myself for an in-depth interview regarding results from their investigation but all he did was verify my forms of identification! I am in my mid-20’s, have no vices, no prior drug use, no debt/foreign contacts issues and only a few past jobs to verify. I am now confused as to whether this is done at the START of an investigation and have a long way to go? Any insights?

Sounds like you have nothing to worry about, as the checks done before you were interviewed did not disclose anything of concern, and all he had to do was go over the information you submitted on the form to ensure it was accurate.

Herein lies the issue: he never reviewed anything with me, nor as far as I know were any of my references contacted. Is it ever possible that if nothing of concern was picked up with my education, credit, criminal background, etc. checks, that they bypass checking all my personal references?
I wasn’t sure if the personal identity check (verifying my driver’s license/passport) is typically done PRIOR to checking my employment/personal references? If so, I guess I have a good month to go with this…

This is agency specific. Some agencies (one I can think of) sends Investigators out to do the PIV checks. This is so the person doesn’t have to come in to headquarters just to present identification information. If the Investigator came to your house, they weren’t there to interview you (this is prohibited unless circumstances warrant it). If it’s the agency I am thinking of, their investigations do tend to take awhile BUT they may start you before it has been completed.