Falsifying Resume' Results in Clearance Denial

Originally published at: Falsifying Resume’ Results in Clearance Denial | ClearanceJobs Blog

Trust but verify is an advisable motto for companies who are looking to hire highly qualified candidates who can also get a security clearance. Doing a little bit of fact checking up front will save headaches later on because in today’s day and age, it is easy for job applicants to embellish their resumes’ with…

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People never cease to amaze me.


Wow. Dude went full fantasy land. Never go full fantasy land. 4 degrees completed in 3 years? Who would catch that? Not listing bankruptcies and arrests? Like…thats not going to show up?

I will like to the FBI if I ever apply for a security clearance.

Like to do …what to the FBI?

You probably don’t want to know…

True dat. Doesn’t sound like he wants to bake brownies

I may not have thought the degrees were that weird, I completed 3 in 3 year. Four might be possible.

The person who accused me of false allegations has a resume and bio that don’t match. Interesting

Overstating the scope of responsibilities or accomplishments of past jobs is fairly standard… but some people don’t stop at that and falsify education and degrees, and that is where I have seen the real problems start.


Yeah puffery is normal. Saying graduated as opposed to “attended” a school? Different. If you were section chief, say it. If you were technical lead? Say that. If you were on the team pulling it off? Say that.

Did this guy get charges failed against him or just a clearance denial?

Lying about your receipt of degrees and employers is apparently perfectly appropriate and normal if it gets you elected to congress in New York.

Like he’s the first one :roll_eyes:

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Sounds like he’d be a good fit to run for congress