Falsely Claiming College Degrees and Military Service Results in Clearance Denial

Originally published here:https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/falsely-claiming-college-degrees-and-military-service-results-in-clearance-denial/

I have read through some pretty interesting case summaries over the years, but this Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) case I ran across stood out for the blatant fabrication of information that turned out to be completely false. The DoD initially denied this contractor clearance eligibility based on Guideline I (Psychological Conditions) and Guideline E (Personal Conduct).Click on the link above to read a summary of the case.

Oof. I would even say they didn’t go far enough with a clearance denial. This applicant shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the government. The whole appeal borders on frivolous litigation.

What a nut job. Agree with the above, she should be barred from any government employment.

For a second I thought someone was telling us they were denied for those reasons…lol. Yeah, there are first, big fibs…and those kind of fibs. Usually detected in campaign materials.

Yeah those are big fibs.

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