False Fasfa information

I want to go into the military in TS clearance jobs. When I was applying for student loans I omitted my father from my information to get more in loans and grants. This was about two about 4-2 years ago. If I apply for enlistment with a TS clearance position am I going to be denied even if I admit to it? I did it cause I was stupid and listening to my mother, but I know that is not an good excuse.

That is not something that will be discovered on a background investigation unless a lien or civil suit is filed against you or you are charged with fraud. If you stay in a cleared job for a career it may come out during a polygraph, but is still not a deal breaking issue.

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Ok, thank you so much sir. I will make sure to put this on my application so they know before hand,

Thank you so much. this relieves a lot of stress. I will let them know on my application to be safe.