Questions about Job Terminations

Hey y’all so this is kind of a doozy but I wanted some opinions. I want to go into the air force due to the job market being so ■■■■ with my degree in IT. I have been fired from 4 jobs in the past, Hungry Howie’s (Performance Issues), Dick’s Sporting Goods (Performance Issues), a Point of Sales company (Performance Issues), and the last one I want to talk about is Navy Federal Credit Union. I was a contractor there in 2022 for a whole year until near the end on my employment I moved some files around to do less work, and that violated peoples personal information ( I know I was a dumbass) I promise I had no intent to do any fraud for the company, I was just lazy. I have no other issues regarding outside influence and no arrest records but I did smoke weed back in the day but I don’t anymore. I am 25 and am lost in life right now. I am afraid I won’t be able to get a secret clearance due to my dumbass moves not too long ago. I heard you can pass all the requirements and the ASVAB fine and then when you reach BMT they can just pull you aside and say you didn’t meet the secret clearance so you are either kicked out or end up doing services. I just want a clean slate and more for my life instead of working for ubereats and a part time job. I would love to hear an answer from an actual investigator but any help is much appreciated

An investigator is not going to be able to tell you if these past issues would be reasons to have a clearance denied. Investigators gather information. Adjudicators make the decision.

Nit picking perhaps.

One way to find out is to go ahead and give it a shot. Talk to a recruiter (bear in mind they have an incentive to get you to sign on and are not adjudicators either)

You don’t need a security clearance to join the military where some jobs require a clearance and some don’t. If you don’t qualify for a job pick another job.

I appreciate the response however this does not answer my question, I would like to know with all those red flags, what my chances are of getting a secret clearance. It is a major step if I do join the air force and I want as much information as possible

SMCVA addressed what you asked for… to hear from an investigator. You are seeking answers from the wrong people because investigators do not adjudicate, we only gather info. We can speculate all day but an investigator cannot tell you anything for certain.

Bigger question is would my Air Force recruit you? 20 active duty, 10 plus supporting a Major Command, and now 3.5 years fed civ. Talk to recruiter, be honest. If they accept you…overcome the past bad behaviors and live a better life. Hope to see you at Lackland.