Falsifying Resume' Results in Clearance Denial

Originally published at: Falsifying Resume’ Results in Clearance Denial | ClearanceJobs Blog

Trust but verify is an advisable motto for companies who are looking to hire highly qualified candidates who can also get a security clearance. Doing a little bit of fact checking up front will save headaches later on because in today’s day and age, it is easy for job applicants to embellish their resumes’ with…

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People never cease to amaze me.


Wow. Dude went full fantasy land. Never go full fantasy land. 4 degrees completed in 3 years? Who would catch that? Not listing bankruptcies and arrests? Like…thats not going to show up?

I will like to the FBI if I ever apply for a security clearance.

Like to do …what to the FBI?

You probably don’t want to know…

True dat. Doesn’t sound like he wants to bake brownies