Family Members & Marijuana Use

Hi, I am in the process of applying with an IC. I live with my family, and my parents are heavy marijuana users. My SO occasionally does it 1 or 2 times a year. I have experimented with it about 4.5 years ago, only 4 to 5 times total (stressful life events that are better now + better coping skills).

I live in a legalized state, and get offered it on occasion, so I just tell people I’m either the DD or if pushed, that my current job does random drug testing (it does not, but it gets people to stop offering).

I will eventually have to take a full scope poly and background investigation for TS/SCI clearance.

I intend on being fully upfront about these subjects. I make an effort not to partake, but people significant in my life do indulge; will that be a black mark against me and my candidacy? I do have sporadic bouts of anxiety due to work and life (thankfully no need for medication) and I am prescribed Adderall for ADD. I worry that it will negatively affect me during the polygraph and investigation, even though I make the effort to not break federal law.

Can anyone offer any insight or advice please?

Their use is their responsibility. The temptation will be strong in a legal state. A mitigation for past use is removing people from one’s life that use. Hard to do when they are very close to you. I imagine this is a significant problem for cleared contractors in Colorado. The amount in any given area is huge. Answer the form truthfully, if stressed, seek legal medication with a prescription. The minimum standard is normally 12 months up to age 24 and maybe 2 years if over that. You are well above that standard. But I would work harder to remove people who use that heavy around you. It is harder to defend oneself of an accusation if everyone in the family smokes, and it is legal to have in your possession, car etc.

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" O brave new world, That has such people in ’t!"

Shakespeare, The Tempest

[drops mic]

PS Shakespeare wrote that some 400 years ago and we continue to be amazed by the changing world around us


But I would work harder to remove people who use that heavy around you. It is harder to defend oneself of an accusation if everyone in the family smokes, and it is legal to have in your possession, car etc.

Thank you for the advice. In terms of mitigation, what other options can I do? Is it possible to sign some type of state of intent to not partake in marijuana or something similar? It’s not logistically or financially feasible for me to remove or limit myself from my family, even though their activities have the potential to jeopardize my future prospects in this career. As much as I care about them, I definitely want to move forward with my own life.

Also, I participate in frequent round table discussions with multiple local and state agencies regarding environmental criminal activity, and one of the hot button issues is legal cannabis business inspections and illegal grow houses. Because of the mismatch between federal and state law, could these inter-agency meetings be a problem considering some topics involve the regulation and taxation of cannabis?

Yeah… brave new world, same old human problems lol

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I don’t think meeting with people and discussing taxation, inspection etc is a problem in and of itself. However, the saying “birds of a feather…” comes into mind. If all your family and friends and business associates use, and they openly assume you use…which in a subject interview can cause your behavior to be called in question. A prime mitigation for drug use is removing those users from your life. This will get harder and harder as states approve for legal use. This may sound corny, but make abundantly clear in each of these meetings you are not a user and have no plans to partake. But if they have it in your presence…it is still a violation of federal law. Possessing it is not legal, handling, transfer, etc is not legal. Facilitating purchase is not legal. You run into a lot of as yet untested legal territory. Much like CBD oil. It is not legal but states have just about given up hope of prosecuting for it.

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Thank you for your responses, I really appreciate the insight you have to offer.

For the polygraph portion of the clearance process, do they take into factor medication or medical conditions? I ask because Adderall is quite a stimulant and has the unfortunate effect of sometimes increasing already present anxiety (a routine doctors apt can have me at 100+ bpm lol), which makes me worried that even though I intend on being honest, my responses might be read as potential deception.

As one taking both Ritalin and Provigil I understand. The interesting part of those medications is that those requiring them, slow down when taking them and it allows our “fast brain” to function better. If a person does not need them and takes them it causes them to speed up and well, its speed. To us…it calms the brain synapse firings. Yes they do take into account medications, BP meds, anti anxiety meds, etc.

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