Habitual Medical Marijuana Use

Hi all,
I’m currently working as an intern and it looks like I might be offered a position soon. At the time of starting the position, I’ll have around 8 months free of any marijuana use. Before that I used habitually for a few years for both medical and recreational reasons.

Do I have any chance at obtaining a clearance if required or should I deny the position if offered?

Thank you for your time

I used to say, two years abstinence minimum. Then it seemed like one year became the standard. Now… who knows. If they make you an offer, go ahead and accept it. Fill out the forms honestly, and you stand a pretty good chance as long as this isnt for a TS clearance with an IC agency.

Oh yeah and stay away from the demon weed

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I don’t want to hang the hiring company out to dry so I am trying to get a ballpark feel for what the process is like.

@sbusquirrel so an offer was sent & I accepted it. Looks like I will be applying for a Secret clearance soon and at application time around 5 months with no use. Is the difference between 5 & 8 months enough to drastically change the odds?

I would ideally like to postpone the process, but I don’t think that’s an option

Nobody can say for sure, there are a lot of factors. You say you’re an intern; if you are a recent grad then age and circumstances (ie being a student) may be mitigating factors in your favor.

The downside is that it will take quite a while for them to make a decision either way, so you have a few months to twist in the wind.

Hope it all works out!

Not young (graduate school) so fingers crossed

Thanks for all your help!