Favorable Security Clearance Decision Reversed Due to Financial Issues

In rare instances, security clearances decisions made by Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) judges are not consistent with the adjudicative guidelines and are reversed on appeal. These appeals are submitted by the agency that originally denied the applicant clearance eligibility. This goes to show judges are human and sometime fall for the “bleeding heart” story ignoring the basic facts in a case. Read the summary here….


Good to know. Our position is the best way to mitigate financial issues is simple: pay the bills. Get a plan, a full plan, stick to it and reduce the debt. Eventually it shows up in the FICO score giving confidence. Once that shows up there, be open and honest about how you got into dire straits, as it is behavior leading to the debt and after the debt that tells the story. Simply paying bills because you wanted a clearance…is often the cited in a denial. .

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