FBI To CIA Crossover

Kind of a weird scenario, but I’m trying to go from FBI employee to CIA contractor. The biggest unknown to me right now is the full scope poly and whether or not the CIA will accept it.

Any insight out there?

I’ve heard they won’t on the direct employee side. Not too sure about contractor.

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Thanks for the post.

Yes, I have also heard that FSP will not cross if coming to the CIA as staff. That seems like a policy that everyone is aware of. My situation must be pretty rare, as no one seems to be able to give me a concrete answer.

I spoke to someone on the CIA side yesterday, and they basically said that the thoroughness of the person submitting the paperwork on the contractor/CIA side and the person on the security side of the CIA will ultimately determine whether it goes through. I wish someone could come up with a definite answer.

Yeah also consider if the fbi will even send the information to begin with. It’s notoriously bad when it comes to even talking to other agencies to get a clearance to move. Sadly no concrete answers exist other than if somebody has achieved it before. Best of luck!

Ugh, that doesn’t inspire faith! :slight_smile:

I’m about to find out. I’ll try to remember to report back to this thread and give an update.

Thanks, DALcal.

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This is not the land of definite answers. This is the land of contradictions, mistakes, and “it depends.”

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I just received word that the CIA is going to crossover my clearance. Good news.

The paperwork was submitted less than two weeks ago.

Thanks for the update! Of course you are not past the finish line yet but it sounds like progress.

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I have a start date. I had a third party check my clearance status on the CIA side and I’m good to go.

Meeting with my SSA tomorrow to give my notice.

Congrats!! May I ask how old was your BI when crossing over

Absolutely. My last CI poly was December 2013, and BI was Jan 2014. So, almost exactly 6 years.

My FSP was conducted in Spring 2008 by the FBI.

Did they have you fill out a whole new e-qip and all that before telling you it would cross over?

I had to fill out an SF-86, but it was the 2008 short version. I don’t think they use e-QIP.

It was not a full investigation.

Question, did you have to submit a crossover form along with the SF-86 or just the SF-86 by itself?
The reason I ask is because when I attempted to crossover from another intel agency, they (contractor security) just had me fill out a crossover form and it got denied due to unadjudicated information. Now I’m wondering if I had submitted an SF-86 along with the crossover form that results may change.

The only thing I had to fill out was the SF86 and a credit check authorization form. I’m not sure if the company’s security folks submitted anything else.

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I submitted the paperwork in early December. The clearance was approved for crossover on Dec 17. I received final word of my acceptance Jan 14.

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Thanks @dougie. I’ll check with my FSO if that’s a route we can take.