Clearance Crossover process question

I recently accepted a new position with another government agency working for a contractor. I was curious about the crossover process. Will the current employer know about the security clearance being crossed over to the new position? Also how long does the process take on average and how exactly does it work?

Depends on which depository your clearance rests and the two agencies in question. If it is JPASS to JPASS, easy. If it is JPASS to Scattered Castles, easy. If it is Scattered to JPASS…doable, longer, slightly more complex, still doable. If it involves the State department…prepare for a long wait and and busy work. I can cross folks over JPASS to Scattered verbally in 24 hours, I get the file copy approval within 72.

Well im going from FBI to ODNI. The crossover process started on Monday.

When you are writing “JPASS” I have been assuming you are referring to JPAS correct?

Darn auto…correct…this is on my phone…right? Wink!

That path should be easy. Make sure you tell the Security Office exactly where the clearance resides. Sometimes they will come back as “no record found” and that just means they did not look in the right place.

I was just making sure there wasnt like a new app. I know they are moving to a new system soon.

Is FBI to DoD comparable to state in terms of difficulty?

If FBI uses a proprietary system, and they likely do as no 3 letter really trusts any other three letter…it gets difficult. Particularly if one resides on a TS system and JPAS is not. However, their crossover personnel should have a means and process for verifying any other clearance.

From my understanding fbi also resides on JPAS. That should make it easier? Does state not use JPAS?

I believe they have their own proprietary system and it doesn’t communicate or have visibility with any of the three letters. I find them impossible to cross over from.

@amberbunny Sorry I am hijacking this thread, you have been very helpful and insightful answering crossover questions and I wanted to ask you about a situation I am in. I am attempting to transfer my clearance, it would be from gov to contractor, my current agency uses scattered castles and so would the new one. A little while ago I was an assignee at the agency I am trying to move too, and I was told I could not crossover while in assignee status. Have you heard of that rule before? I am no longer an assignee there, but their system still shows me as an assignee, and no idea how to get that designation removed, so that I can finally crossover. Any insight you have would be appreciated, I could provide some more details in a private message

As long as your clearance shows actively within SC, and it isn’t out of scope, it would cross over in a few days. I have not heard of the assignee rule.

Question… for transferring a TS/SCI from DIA to NGA how long would that usually take?

It depends if you are a government employee or contractor. With a contractor position it could take about 30 days. Government shouldnt be an issue.

amberbunny- can you please tell me what takes so long for the Scattered to JPASS? It has been almost 5 months for me. Nobody seems to know the hold up.

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Amberbunny, you say that to go from scattered to japas is doable, longer, slighty more complex, but if it involves the state dep prepare for long wait. How long are you talking about? 2, 4, 6, 8, months 2 years?
thank you

Oh Lort. State? Well, let me tell you. I have crossed over hundreds of clearances. Literally hundreds. Only one successfully from State. And that was such a bear my client said “never again.” They just won’t deal with State. They are notoriously difficult to gain cooperation. I had them claim they did not have a classified line to talk on or any classified email system I could send a note too. There was even a POC in my client’s clearance office that was the liaison with State for those purposes. There is even a form for crossing State clearances. But they routinely give any Security Manager or FSO the run around and will claim they never received it. I wish you sincere luck. My client will no longer even attempt to deal with them. If I have a person with a State clearance, in scope…I have to submit as an initial with my client as State is quite parochial and controlling of who they will communicate with. Just my experiences.

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Have a quick question,

So currently I am going thru a crossover for my TS/SCI clearance from DOD to ODNI to a new employer. I wanted to know that after the crossover is completed and I decide to decline the offer and stay with the current employer, what happens to the clearance? Does it go back to DOD?