Transferring Scattered Castle into JPAS

I received a Top Secret Clearance with a CounterIntelligence Polygraph. When I apply for new jobs they state that they cannot view my clearance due to it being on Scattered Castle. Many jobs only accept JPAS.

What jobs accept Scattered Castle and is it possible to transfer this clearance into JPAS?

I have a current job offer that is trying to transfer my clearance into JPAS and it has been 7 months and they have stated that they are still waiting for the transfer.
How long does this usually take?

Your first step should have been to talk to your agency Central Adjudication Facility that granted the clearance, or the company FSO. Sounds like you don’t want you current employer to know you are looking at other job offers, and thus there is no incentive for them to help.


I have spoken to them its harder actually speaking to them because their security person is very new and she does not seem to explain things well as I feel as if she is still learning about these things herself. My employer is well aware that I am a contractor seeking full time positions currently. When I asked she just stated that the time ranges and its hard for her to explain this to me due to the terms used in security which didn’t make much sense and seemed a bit unprofessional but like I said she is very new so she is probably learning the ropes. My other coworkers are dealing with the same issue so I figured I would look into this myself.

Did you ever get any resolution to this? I’m going through the same process right now and would REALLY like if it didn’t take months to happen…