Time to crossover from Scattered Castles to JPAS?

Having taken a look at similar topics (and replies), I’m still wondering how long it takes for my former clearances to crossover from Scattered Castles to JPAS.


  • Was administratively read out of SCI in June 2016, and out of DOE Q in February 2017; read out due to loss of contract in both cases.
  • Have accepted new job supporting DIA; new company has told me that my security nomination has been submitted to DIA and that the crossover paperwork has also been submitted. Date on those actions was 3 November (about two weeks ago).

Does anyone have a sense how long the crossover process should take? Thanks!

Scattered Castles gets a feed from JPAS, not the other way around. It should already be in JPAS and just needs someone to take ownership.

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I wonder if that’s the case in my situation; my most recent clearance was from DOE (Q and SCI). Although I’m sure I have clearances on JPAS from my DOD days, those were removed in early 2011 upon my retirement, and would likely be showing up as inactive.

My sense is that the DOE clearances are not in JPAS, but are held in Scattered Castles. I may be wrong in thinking that.

SC gets its inputs from other sources. My own clearances/access show as being from three different entities. Those who have the access will be able to see it in SC, JPAS, or OPM’s CVS.

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I always thought that SC showed what you were currently briefed on (access) while JPAS shows your clearance. Also, I thought somebody had to manually put your data in SC, since not all JPAS records get into SC

Records in SC show both, clearance and if briefed in for SCI access. You can have a record in SC without having access.

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If the records are not “exclusive” to SC (i.e. visible in JPAS or CVS), then does “crossover” even apply? The term appears to be bandied about, but I guess I’m not clear on what it means. . .or how long it will take.

The consolidated SC-JPAS-CVS element is still one item that is not operational yet to fulfill the OPM’s 2012 Revised Investigative Standards. Most of the meetings I attend have this as a small update. If I remember right, the issue surrounds taking the CI information from the “high side” (classified) and making it available on the “low side” (unclassified). In other words, agencies may get a hit that there is a previous investigation or clearance out there through CVS but not get any additional information until they configure an IT solution.

I crossover clearances all the time from JPASS (industry) to this client. The first and only problem I had was with a State department clearance that was current and active, and I just got off the phone with their rep to complete this. Apparently State doesn’t like passing their info to SC, which was intended to respect the individual castles (think each agency owning the clearance as castles, and they are scattered hither and yon). I am working through that as I type. I can crossover a clearance very fast once my contract officer signs the clearance form. We do this mostly without a new SF 86 but if slightly out of scope we can send with an SF86 and fix in 24 hours verbally, followed by the returned form within 72 hours. I am normally crossing over up to 15 monthly. So it is routine, easy…but drudgery at times so the security manager can sit on it a few days before turning their attention to growing stack…of…15 sitting there.


Thanks, Amberbunny!

If I understand correctly, the delays seen are mostly due to workload/reluctance to engage in tedious tasks, whether on the contract officer’s or security manager’s part; is that fair to say?

Perhaps in some cases but not many, at least no more than any other job. Most security folks I’ve known have a bunch of tasks on their plate and then there is always the inspection or assistance visit and the occasional violation to deal with, and when employees get terminated they have to be debriefed… I dont know of anyplace where a company has the luxury of having someone whose full-time job would be simply processing personnel security actions.

Got it, and I didn’t mean to impugn anyone.

I appreciate all the insights given! I believe I have a better handle on this process. . .that may make the wait a bit more tolerable.

Absolutely fair to say. I was speaking of my own tasks…glad to see other Security offices experience the same. It really is easy…simple…yet tedious. The higher order tasks crowd out the tedious ones.

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Not to mention eliminating positions or laying off experienced staff to pay for more management.

Oops did I say that out loud? My bad :open_mouth:

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Closing the loop on my original question, I just received word that crossover had been achieved late last week. So (in my case) the answer was: about two weeks.

Thanks again to everyone!

Hey Hey Hey! Very Excited. My husband has achieved Clearance Crossover from SC. (I feel like it’s a video game and we unlocked a new level. :smile: ) Took about 2 1/2 weeks – not too shabby.

Interesting : my security officer tried to move my clearances from SC to JPAS but the move was denied because latest investigation was more than 2 years old. We were told a new SF 86 is required even though current clearances are Active.

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congrats Biff,

As Dragstra states below his latest update was over two years so his move was denied. How long had it been since your latest investigation?

You mention that you cross clearances FROM JPAS to SC, but do you have any experience moving clearances in the opposite direction? I would be very interested to know what process you use if you are able to quickly move a clearance from SC into JPAS. Thanks.

Have not required that action as I work on the SC side. I would imagine there is a tab for crossover requests perhaps? Reciprocity should be in full vogue with all players, but we know that is not always the case. Honestly, I too would like to know as one always keeps their eyes open for greener pastures.