Clearance Crossover process question

I crossed over from FBI to NGA and was told after-the-fact that it was a minor miracle it got done. The FBI lives in a silo.

NGA had to first confirm my poly with the Bureau, then request a crossover, which took about four months. This was four years ago.

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It remains with DoD in JPAS/DIS if you didn’t actually get read out. Most of DoD doesn’t read out. If you decline to accept and remain working…ODNI will close out the crossover. They were getting very strict on requiring folks to get read in on their SCIs for every contract they performed on last year. Previously if the system reflected you were read in it was not considered a foul. But we had about a dozen we had to read in, again, showing our contract sponsored the SCI as well as their other jobs. I actually liked that as I felt each company needed to “own” the conduct of their people. If they needed read out and escorted off…so be it. With multiple jobs all using same badge on one compound we often uncovered errors where they should have been removed

The worst is State. They will flat out lie, tell you they don’t have secure access, refuse to share or verify even on secure mail. Very frustrating agency.

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I am kind of on the same boat. Worked DoD with TS/SCI. Moved to a new company whose customer is non-DOD (maybe IC). Submitted for a crossover, denied. Now I must resubmit SF86 just for my SCI. I am apparently not actually doing another SSBI. Not sure on my TS status if I decide to jump ship, I want to make sure that My DoD TS is still intact, at least until I do a PR.

Hi I have a question…I self reported a incident last Jan 2019 to my FSO at NGA, and Pentagon. My clearance was red flagged and I was told it would need to be re-adjudicated…In the course of the flag I had a offer from a new company that got rescinded due to clearance could not crossover due to flag from (Pentagon to ODNI). I am contractor not gov emp. So I stayed in my position…However the new company that rescinded my offer for employment reached out a few weeks later and said they would sponsor me for a new TS to potentially speed up the re-adjudication so I completed a new sf-86…fast forward to Nov 2020 my original TS got re-adjudicated and flag cleared and I’m back green lighted…I thought this was a good thing so I reached out to the company whom was sponsoring me for the new TS and told them the old one had been re-adjudicated and they told me just cus it is active with one agency; their customer it is still inactive and I am still processing off of the TS they submitted with their customer. Their customer is ODNI and my original clearance was re-adjudicated by NSA…Is there anyway I can get ODNI to accept my original clearance as the issue has been cleared or am I at a lost with that job until ODNI finally does their own investigation…a little background info is before the flag I had worked at ODNI before and had no issue of my sponsored NSA clearance crossing over…What should I do??

You work at NGA as an NSA contractor and trying to crossover to ODNI? Or you were at NGA and now at NSA?

Sadly you wait. Each agency thinks they are true holders of the keys to the security kingdom, no other agency gets it right, and they will always follow their own vetting. Good on you for self reporting, proving it was not a concern. I applaud you. Many prefer sweeping these under the rug and claiming ignorance.

Herein lies a potential problem: you self reported, red flagged…waited it out…cleared up issue. Meanwhile company 2 submits you as initial. That means anything they looked up…is now unadjudicated info. Is it best letting it run to ground…and surely give you another green flag?

Not exactly.

This agency may deny you. Report back to first agency…keeping you locked up in a circle of hell. Can you withdraw from consideration? Yes. Do you want the new position? Is it financially a better move? Only you can answer that.

In a perfect world, letting it finish and get vetted is best. But will both agencies have the same standard? Maybe.

Then again. Maybe not.

Wow. Reading this I was hoping to find some silver lining to the whole process. The ambiguity and uncertainty on an outcome for something that (in my mind) would seem like a no brainer, doesn’t give me a ton of hope that things will get better and more uniform regarding clearances.

I wish it were not so. “We, the people” have the burden and we do not always have the voices present to inject common sensed

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