Filling out SF-86 Form. Nervous of Chances. Need help/info

Im going to keep this short.

Feb 2012, arrested/charged with 2 felonies and misdemenor for intent to distr. (weed, 3.9 grams,) and proceeds from drug sales ( but was $586 in pockets, legit money). Mom died Jan 2012 (sole caregiver while in college). Graduated with eng degree 2013… Charges dismissed after 5 year probation (2017) Used weed 4-6 times a week feb 2012… been clean since 2012. No other drug used ever. Credit score low 600’s but nothing delinquent. Just high credit card usage (4). But all paid on time. student loans (90k) in deferment missed 30 days payemnt no more than 3 times since 2013. Current on any personal loan i have active at the moment. 1 Charge off loan from chase bank (2007, they can’t find debt to begin payment) (called several times to try and find debt) and one debt to apartment complex from 2014 (actively making payments).

Chances/advice of/for getting TS for engineering tech position at honeywell?

Bases on the adjudicative guidelines and time passed since the incident your felony is now downgraded to a moderate issue standing alone that would not be disqualifying. However, it will take longer to compile and review the information beforw a decision is made. Sounds like you are still not accepting full responsibility for your actions and that will work against you.

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My apologies. didnt mean to sound like im deflecting. i accept full responsibility for my charges. was just wondering would that incident, given time and history, be major factor in play here. I wouldn’t respond to the adjudicator or SF form in that manor at all. Highly thank you for your input tho. I’ve been sooo nervous about this. charges were also dismissed in 2017 (probation terms met)

For a TS: You have past drug use mitigated by time but you were on probation two years ago. I suspect that you might have problems at this point but you have a chance. It really comes down to your tolerance for risk and your other options.

Work on your finances to the best of ability. Catch up and remain current on debt. Obviously an Engineer salary will help dramatically. My client…I don’t submit under 600 and try not to submit under 650 FICO. Others speak to many clearing in the 5 hundreds. Each client has their own take on vulnerabilities. For mine, financial concerns are a huge red flag.

@EdFarmerIII @amberbunny THANK YOU!!. I’ve been watchingi you two reply to others concerns and comments. I may have seemed vague in my entry as well. So just to update, no previous or further arrests (not even pulled over) were made after 2012. I don’t own a passport, dont have any foreign contacts. hopefully by the time they review my application and pull my credit report, my score will be back above 650. Any further questions you guys think i haven’t covered that u might want to know on this post?

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