Financial Issues, will I clear?

I want to be transparent. I have no issues with criminal activity and my prints were good.

I have struggled financially. When my credit was pulled it was around 600 or so (higher on one report).

I filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago. My student loans were in default about 7+ years ago, but only for a few months, I immediately brought them out of default. I also owe federal back taxes around $3500. I have been letting them take my income tax refund and I completely paid off my state tax debt owed.

So my history shows financial issues that I have been working towards resolving, but my fear is that its too many issues.

Am I a lost cause?

Lost cause? No, but not a simple case.

Are you on track to resolve your debts within the constraints of your current income and other obligations? I think that is what an adjudicator will be looking at. However, you may also face issues of “suitability” which are more difficult to assess… and more difficult to appeal.