Suitability Clearance

What are my chances of passing the suitability clearance?

Currently a fed for 8 years. Recently applied for a job, offered a position contingent on passing background check. have one on my current job. I received an loi requesting info on previous bankruptcy and student loans and a tax lien. Several of the debts in question were included in the bankruptcy, however they were reporting as charge-offs. The bankruptcy was due to my spouse being laid off for a very long time and having intermittent employment. Due to hardship, the tax lien was closed b the IRS, the student loans are now in forbearance for an extended period of a few years due to hardship and I addressed the charge-offs by submitting the list of creditors listed in the bankruptcy and well as my bankruptcy discharge documents. My attorney also gave me a letter to send advising that he will be sending a letter to all any and all of the creditors that were not notified of the bankruptcy. I also sent in support documentation form the loan servicers and the IRS to support my responses in the loi. Otherwise, nothing has changed in the past 10 years except that I moved.

Thank you in advance for answering my question,

It sounds like you have taken all of the right steps to mitigate any concerns they would have regarding your financial history. They may issue a letter of warning, but that would be the worst case if there are no other issues in the case and you have disclosed all required information.