Financial Support to Foreign Individuals

When I was doing my education an international student helped me to get my homework done, does this qualify as financial support to foreign national. I do not know their info, not even their name, a professor recommended me to contact them if we needed help on an assigment. I sent through zelle.

No, It does not meet the reporting requirements.

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You were not providing them financial support. You were paying them for services rended.

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how come? Is it because services rendered? Thanks it is a big reliever since I was overthinking how I would get the info asked, was more than 2 years ago.

Support is a continuing action. Paying someone for services or products is not support.

It doesn’t sound like financial support - but what services was this other student providing? Were they your tutor, or were they writing your papers for you? That could be…problematic

just checked if assignment was correct, did minor changes. One time.