Fired for gross misconduct time sheet fraud

Will you most likely be denied a security clearance if you have been fired from a job for forging a signature on a time sheet? Assuming there are no other issues.

Hard to say for sure but it will definitely be an issue of interest. Forging a signature does not sound like something that was accidental.

In matters like this I think time is always a factor. If it happened six years ago it will be treated differently than if it happened six months ago, because you would have six years of otherwise spotless behavior :+1: that would help mitigate the one egregious incident.

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No. There is no single mistake that will stop you from getting a clearance, unless it is a serious felony as outline by most job requirements. Your goal is to mitigate this issue, explain that it was a one-time occurrence, explain that you haven’t been fired from any other job, and explain that you learned your lesson. I had a firing and disciplinary action for inaccurate time sheet, and still got a clearance. Can you prove that you have learned from it? You will have a chance to explain most likely and I wouldn’t worry about it, just be honest.

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Of course forgery and “time theft” could certainly be prosecuted as felonies.