Flagged Clearance

Recently I was told by a company where I had applied to that my clearance (TS) was flagged and there are no more details. I don’t know what this flag means and how should I resolve this matter. To give you a brief background, I have a very clear status, no tickets or financial issues. I had been working on a DHS contract for 3 years and my company sponsored me for the reinvestigation of my TS. The reinvestigation was completed in march. In the meantime, DHS denied my suitability for the contract I was working on and my company had to finish my job. I don’t have a FSO or anyone to seek advice, how do I find out what this flag is or how to resolve it? Please advise, should I seek an attorney?

Whoever told you it was flagged, is the security representative. Sounds like you may have been working on an Interim TS clearance? If they see any aspect requiring adjudication, they pull the interim, and you must go under the complete investigation until they determine it is or is not a concern. They refer to this as “Unadjudicated Info.” Not necessarily bad, not necessarily good. Just a “something” requiring an adjudication decision. It could be a bounced check, a missed bill, a police incident, or a recreational drug moment from a while ago you may have spoken to. If the company can keep you working uncleared tasks until then, you are okay. Many companies cut ties, and then you have a loss of sponsorship as well. You can apply for other cleared work but will require the full initial investigation to clear and you should speak to this situation on the SF86 or equip. I’ve seen numerous similar situations and all of my people re-cleared. But each is its own unique case. And no, they usually do not tell you what it is about. But if you review the entire SF86, and do as deep a credit check as possible, chances are you will figure out what item they have a concern with.

Like you said the comapny cut all ties with me. But my PR was completed before I was layed off and that was because my sutibality for the DHS contract didn’t go through. Question is how do I find out what the flag is for,who should I contact ? .

I think that you need to find another employer who is willing to sponsor you with your clearance in its current state. Then they can find out what is going on and what needs to be done about it. I don’t believe that there is really any avenue to do this on your own.

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Likely if a new company sponsors you there will be no interim granted. You require a new BI to visit the event in question and have it adjudicated.

how do I find if there is an incident? should I request a foia

You can try but I imagine a company will not release security screening decisions. That hurts anyone in this situation. I have seen several people leave a position and get denied a crossover or reactivation because there is a “something” there requiring an adjudication decision. It truly isn’t definable as an “always bad” situation. Just something an adjudicator must make a decision on. That requires a fresh investigation or the previous sponsor following through with a re-investigation. That place the info on an adjudicator desk.

Definitely request a FOIA. In the meantime, there really isn’t anything you can do. Like Ed said, you need to find someone who will sponsor you with the current state of your clearance. Bigger contractors are more likely to sponsor clearances in this state.