Follow-Up Interview

I have a follow-up interview with my BI regarding some info obtained during my investigation. She said it can be discussed over the phone. I did not leave any info out of my SF-86. Is there a difference between doing a follow-up interview over the phone vs in person? Seems like it is not a major issue if it can be dealt with over the phone. Any help is appreciated!

I had a follow up series of questions. I had to provide a doctors office where I obtained a prescription, and list of pharmacies to see if I was over filling meds. All came back clean.

There’s really no way to tell. Could be something as simple as an employment record coming back with different dates than you listed or the investigator missed some info during your original interview.

In general, serious issues are not allowed to be discussed by telephone.

Minor issues and clarifications are permissible by telephone. Good luck!

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As a BI, over the phone interview means they didn’t ask enough questions or a minor issue came up during the investigation. They allow some phone interviews to speed up the process.

If a major issue came up, you would redo the initial interview.

I actually had to redo the entire interview plus answer some additional questions over the phone, but the BI said she had to re-interview me cause the original BI left the company. Does this sound right?

It could be - and it depends. The original interview might have been your Subject interview and the follow up a triggered Subject interview.

There are other reasons why the whole Subject interview would have been completed but those don’t reflect on you.

Sounds right. I’ve had to redo initial interviews because other BIs were fired before they could send in a report for the initial interview. It is unfortunate but it does happen.

Other scenario… if a major issue came up, it would require a redo of the initial interview but you don’t actually do the entire interview. There is a good portion of the interview you bypass.