Forced 2 do field work & fingerprints during covid-19

Any updates on when they are going to go to just phone interviews? I just received telephone guidance for DCSA but still nothing for the IC clients!!!

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No idea, so far nothing but crickets. Just had the first confirmed cases in my county last night

Crickets here too. What a poor lack of leadership. Not sure why I’m surprised.


The lack of leadership is par for the course and not surprising.

Let’s just consider how many major screwups have happened under the guidance of DCSA and the contractors that perform work for DCSA.

It starts all the way back to the privatization of the process, includes multiple date breaches along the way, lack of action to update regulations before crisis, no central training among field staff, and now the complete lack of leadership when we need it most.

I’m not surprised and expect nothing from them because they are incapable. We would be better off and probably wouldn’t even notice if the entire leadership quit.


Thank you for passing down the guidance and I’m happy to hear you have received guidance but I still haven’t yet.

Just goes to show how different contractors receive different guidance. One more example of how DCSA and contractor leadership are incapable of doing the job.

They are great at forwarding spreadsheets but when real leadership is needed they are absent.

Keep your distance and good luck to everyone still out there.


That’s not the spreadsheets I’m referring too although I have heard rumors they were thinking about compiling spreadsheets for affected areas. I was referring to the never ending forwarding of spreadsheets down to the investigators consisting of aging cases, aging items, reopen lists, 17 day lists, 50 plus lists, and on and on.

I have yet to receive any meaningful Covid advice but I’ve seen at least two spreadsheets today. I need to mention that my sid was not even on the spreadsheets.

The layers of management in this industry basically just forward spreadsheets all day every day. The sooner they can forward spreadsheets the sooner they can do nothing, which is exactly what they are doing right now.

Our nation’s top doctors are stating that for each diagnosed, confirmed case, there could be 5-10 more. This is due to the combination of limited testing and, as others have said on the thread, many people having minor symptoms at most (or none at all).

I don’t think that anyone is surprised over the laughably weak leadership shown by the top on the contractor side, it seems that a degree of blatant incompetence is required to reach the upper echelons of management within the BI world (obviously I’m not referring to seasoned investigators, team leads, etc). I’ve never seen leadership as poor in any other industry and hopefully never will.


Yes, TODAY still got “guidance” to get records in person for some cases. And ISB (whatever that is) “may” still request fieldwork for records.

And contracting company I work for agrees with this as not saying anything differently!

I shudder to think of the spouses, young people and oldsters who will be infected and maybe die because a BI they live with got infected in field and spreads virus. All for a damn record or interview! Just. Say. No.