Foreign contacts and activities? Sections 19-20?

I have been living abroad for 10 years. I will return to the US to take a stateside DOD position (requires Secret) and I’m doing an SF-86 now. I held a Secret from 2003-2013 and I moved abroad in 2008, so it expired while I was abroad.

Section 19: Foreign contacts asks for ‘close and/or continuing contact with a foreign national within the last seven years’. I have listed my brother-in-law (my wife is foreign also) because BIL was not required in the Relatives section (section 18).
I also listed my British boss who lives here. Anyone else I should list?

Section 20a: Foreign Activities. Bank accounts. Living abroad, naturally I had foreign bank accounts here. How should I disclose the balances? Once I leave here and return to the USA, I’ll have to close out the foreign accounts anyway and exchange my money into US dollars, so it will all be moot (I explained this in the additional comments sections). My wife also has a few foreign accounts here of course. She has a social security style-account for this country.

How much detail should I be providing to answer these questions?

You should list any foreign contact with whom you are still interacting. Bank accounts while living abroad are normal, as long as you intend to close them there is no issue, but it would not hurt to go ahead and list them. If further info is required it will be covered during the investigation.

How about Guideline B: Foreign Influence? Do you think it would be an issue for the Gov’t if they see that I’ve lived overseas for the past 10 years?

I would argue something like “I’ve lived overseas for the past 10 years; now it’s time to come back.”