Foreign influence and property

Hello, I am a dual citizen, my birth citizenship is from Iran which is not a good thing to have when going through security clearance. I have not traveled often to Iran. The last time was 5 years ago due my father’s passing. I am sponsoring my mom to come to US as a permanent resident. Her case is still pending due to Covid embassy closures. I only have one brother living in Iran. I have also inherited property upon my father’s passing. It is under my name for inheritance law purposes, but in reality I have no control over it until my mother passes away or she voluntarily gives me the inheritance. I have given my mother full power of attorney to control the property. I do not have any bank account in my birth country.

My question is how bad is my case? and how problematic will it be? because I have to say yes, to several parts of the S-86 form (the sponsorship of a foreign national; foreign mother and sibling; foreign property)