Should I accept an offer that requires a clearance?

I am a graduating senior, and I have just received a very nice offer that requires a Secret security clearance. My parents were born in Iran, and thus I have inherited an Iranian citizenship that is pretty much impossible to renounce. I was born in Canada but I have lived in america all my life and am now a US citizen (so are my parents). I have no contact with familly in Iran (Although my parents call them sometimes). I am very worried about my background, so I was wondering if I should take this offer and begin the clearance process. If I am denied now would it be impossible to gain one when I am much older and have been far removed from my Iranian familly?

Given the fact that you capitalized every country except America, I would say you are a security risk.

I know a guy who came to the US for college around the time of the glorious revolution and stayed… his mother never left Tehran and of course they kept in touch. He was able to get a Secret clearance.