Sponsoring an immigrant question?

What are the chances that my TS/SCI clearance will be impacted if I, as a future father-in-law, sponsor my son’s fiancee? My son and his fiancee, (she is in the USA on a F-1 student visa and is from IRAN), and want to get married but she must have a sponsor so her visa can be changed. My son is also a student at the same university but does not meet the income requirements to be a sponsor.

Yes, sponsoring a foreign national (especially one from a designated country) for entry into the U.S. is definitely an issue for someone who has TS/SCI access. I suggest you contact your security officer to discuss before moving forward.

I agree with Marko. Remember Iran is part of the Embargo nations. I would advise you to go find a lawyer that specializes in Security clearances. I do not think your FSO alone can 100% tell you what to do. I would make sure you have some legal counsel behind your decision.

Was your TS/SCI impacted by this?

I would advise against sponsoring her.