foreign influence

I recently completed SF86 for non-critical sensitive clearance with Federal Government and am very concern about foreign influence. All my families lives in Nigeria, my mom had visited United States twice and my daddy once in the last three years. they did not over stay their visa or anything they just came to visit. I am married to active service member and had a son together.

I recently formed a small LLC about 6 months ago after I lost my job. I use the LLC for Wholesale/Trade to African I bought retail liquidation goods like shoes, cloths, bags and home goods from popular retail stores like Walmart and ship them to African. This is basically something I do after I lost my job in September. The sales from the business is very slow and its can support my family as expected.

Since started this business, had only able to ship one consignment and have not received any money from it and this is keeping worried.

I want this Federal job and I don’t mind resolved the LLC, i just don’t know if this is a very big influence. The business is my ideas, my families oversea are not an influence on me.

As a Military spouse I keep jumping from one job to the other every-time we PCS and with Masters degree, I couldn’t find a reasonable job. I believe this is because of the gap on my resume and working is different states.

Please advice what should I be expecting from the Investigation. I stated the business in my SF86.

Based on what you say, in my opinion it will be not be a problem. But you will definitely need to provide lots of information about the business AND about your relatives and friends back in Nigeria, even more than you already put down on the forms.

Did you ever have a bank account in Nigeria or other financial interests? You probably saw those questions on the SF-86, and be prepared to provide additional detail there.

And I suppose they will want to see documentation that you complied with all applicable tax and customs laws.

Assuming you can provide all that detail I think you will be fine.

Hi sbusquirrel,

Thank you for your opinion. Yes I complied with State and Federal law in registered the company and file schedule C IRS form.

I didn’t have bank account or any financial ties in Nigeria. I shipped the goods to my siblings that’s all and I don’t have friend back in Nigeria.

I am getting all my purchasing order, billing of leading Federal and states tax documents, certificate of incorporation ready for the investigator.

This is a opportunity of a life time for me