Foreign inheritance


I’m a secret clearance holder. My wife was born in Finland and is a naturalized US citizen. Her mother is in hospice now. She is by no means a millionaire but has a good amount of money saved up. There is also her house, which will be sold when she passes.

Death is a part of life and the clearance people know about my foreign in-laws, so I’m assuming this is a non-issue. But I’m also assuming that when the estate is settled I will need to disclose what we inherited.

I’m just trying to be above board and dot my i’s. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Talk to your security folks.

Depending on the customer(s) you work for, they might require different disclosure forms (unusual aflux of money, inheritance…)

If the house is oconus, this will complicate things a little more as well.

Good on you for being proactive.

Everything is OCUS, but they’re also known about it for almost 2 decades.

I’ll talk to them the security people.