Buying a retirement home for parents

I currently hold active TS. My parents live overseas in India. I am from Mumbai. I grew up in the slums. I am a naturalized citizen. My parents over last couple of years have denied to get GC as they don’t like to be in USA. Currently, the home they live in is getting taken over, issue between Hindu and Muslims in this country. Since they are Indian citizen, US consulate will not interfere. I am left with only one option to buy a home for them. It is a foreign investment and needs to be reported.What impact will it have on my active TS and periodic reinvestigation? Will my clerence be pulled?

While I wouldn’t want to say for certain, I don’t believe that you should have a problem with your clearance as long you properly report everything. Supporting your parents, even overseas, shouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks can anyone confirm this

It’s not likely that anyone can confirm this. We don’t have all of the information that an adjudicator would have, we can’t research your parents, we don’t know the rest of your financial situation, we don’t know anything other than what you provided.

Supporting your parents is an “issue” in the BI process - why we ask in the first place.

Supporting your parents is not an instant disqualifying issue.Be up front, explain what is happening, and provide details about the process. This is not an uncommon issue when investigating naturalized citizens.