Immigrant naturalized

Hi, I found very useful information here but still haven’t found an answer to my question so I will ask in case anyone knows or has an idea.

Going for USÁID TS clearance, I’m a naturalized citizen, all my brothers are also citizens, but my mum and my dad are green card holders (they are going to apply for the citizen next year). After divorcing my mum my dad had a couple of short marriages where it looks like immigration fraud but is not, the first person turned out to be unstable and run away after a couple of months (but they had submitted the paperwork for her) and the other died after 6 months due to COVID, and recently my parents have started dating again after over 15 years of being divorced. My question is, given that they want to apply for the citizenship next year, will my clearance potentially harm them in any way during the process of their citizenship? And could their situation affect my clearance process? Thank you!

For your clearance you’re going to need to provide details regarding your parents and any stepparents, half-siblings, and step-siblings. During your interview be sure to explain to the investigator what you’ve referred to here.

I don’t know how your status could in any way affect the citizenship process of your parents.

The country of your parent’s citizenship and their connections and obligations to that country will be scrutinized as part of your clearance process. Certain countries and activities obviously incur more scrutiny than others.