Foreign Passport Holder, replying to SOR

I have a couple questions re: responding to the SOR. I feel I have three choices: a) not respond and let it run it’s course, which will lead to a denial in my clearance and being let go of my job or b) respond and appeal by providing supporting documentation of destruction of my non-US passport and renouncing my non-US citizenship from the the Embassy. (I have not yet taken the steps required for option B)
I am beginning to wonder about option c) quitting this job. It is not a job I thoroughly love or need right now. It is not in my field, and I am moving in less than 90 days to another country (husband is active duty). If I put in my notice for this job, will the clearance be an automatic denial?

Regardless of what happens, what are the long-term repercussions of having a denial in my ‘professional baggage’? Will I be barred from ever working for the gov’t in the future? Or only fo positions that require security clearances?

Being denied clearance a big deal. Join that other guy and go smoke weed in Colorado is my advice.