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I am sending this email to seek some advice. I am going through the clearance process. I worked in a foreign country for a US company and during that time participated in retirement plan, bought a house, insurance and mutual funds - over last 10-15 years. These investments have grown substantially and are about 1/3 of my overall portfolio. At that time I didn’t know what life had planned for me. The US company folded and I returned to US and took a different role. I was able to obtain some tentative offers from federal govt. However, these investments now loom. I don’t plan to return to the country and am slowly divesting while being careful of international tax issues.
I have been asked to provide justification for my foreign investments. Not sure how to best respond to that. At that time it seemed like a good idea. I will appreciate any pointers.
Thanks much for your help in advance.

My best advice is to provide full information about the property & investments, and the reasons behind them, on the SF-86 and any subsequent interview with your background Investigator. As you’ve explained in your post I don’t think your circumstances would warrant a denial of a security clearance.


You’re not sure how to respond? Start with the truth. Why did you buy a house there? You bought it because you were based there for an extended period and expected it to continue. If you still own the house explain why. Is financially viable to sell? If not, explain the economic reasons that you are better off not selling at this time. Are you renting the property? All the better. The same with the other investments. Investing locally likely looked better to the local population that you were there working with and allowed you to keep a closer eye on your money. You can also point out that you are being financially responsible with your divestiture. Your employment ended unexpectedly when the company folded and you need to be careful with the ways that you move your investments back home in order to ensure that you do not have tax difficulties.


Foreign investment is not unusual. As long as it is explainable, and your situation sounds very well explained. I lived there, I bought there…I left there…not gonna live there. Loyalty to another country is the underlying issue for people. If you were collecting money from that government in a retirement situation it may be a big issue.

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Thanks so much for your replies. This really helps in formulating the responses.
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