Forgot to file 2013 taxes

I was fresh out of basic training and in AIT, i failed to file for taxes from my part time job and 3 months of active duty… who should i talk to about my issue now that im renewing my clearance?

Have you filed? If not, get to a tax professional who can help you out. You will need to get this done ASAP.

My guess is that you were due a refund or the IRS themselves would have been after you. Did you have state returns to do at the time? These need to be done as well…

This should be listed on your SF86 for your reinvestigation.

If it makes you feel better, I know someone who’s spouse lied about filing their returns for 10 years. This employee ended up retaining their clearance.

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Ed has the ticket here. Get it straight and file. You may have a slight penalty with interest but it is handled fast between you the IRS. There will be a record and each SF86 will require you to speak to it. Always best to check “Yes” and on the next page you stated Resolved, paid in full on X date.