Former LANL scientist arrested for lying on eQIP

A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist was arrested this week on 3 counts of lying.

  1. On e-QIP
  2. To a LANL counterintelligence officer, and
  3. to an OPM-NBIB investigator

All counts stem from the false answer as to: “Has any foreign national in the last seven (7) years offered you a job, asked you to work as a consultant, or consider employment with them?”

Indictment here:

The individual apparently try to deny that he had participated in some kind of Chinese program where people get money. From the Chinese government. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that the Chinese might be interested in having a scientist from Los Alamos on their payroll.

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If you’re in this field, it is helpful to brush up on China’s Thousand Talents Program. The PRC’s MSS uses Thousand Talents quite often as a front for intelligence collection.