Found unsuitable for a position at a different agency while at another

They used the same background, didn’t provide a new poly or anything like that. Guess I should have never applied for that position it was at a really influential office with that agency, people needed to be bullet proof seems like. That agency only found me unsuitable for that one position, not other positions at that agency. I am at a loss as to what to do now. How long until my current agency finds out I was found unsuitable at another? Will it be at the reinvestigation period? My lawyer told me I didn’t have to report this until reinvestigation is that true?

I always suggest “no surprises”. If the suitability factor surfaces during the next PR then you appear to have hidden the issue. Reported now, and the suitability issue might have just been the one position.

As always, it depends. You never mentioned the issue.

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There’s the problem. YOU know your background better than anyone else.

In the end, it’s all on the applicant what they report and do not report.

Was that statement in the letter you received informing you that you were found unsuitable?

A bad polygraph with another agency 5 years ago, and admitting to using napster a lot as a kid.

Yes it was just that position. Nothing else at the agency.

Won’t the suitability factor surface no matter what? Aren’t failed suitability reviews uploaded into CVS?

“Suitability” unlike a clearance determination seems to stay within the one agency. I dont think it is subject to the same sharing requirements. But as @backgdinvestigator notes, whatever issue caused you to be found “unsuitable” may be of concern to other agencies.

Is that really a factor in a poly and/or BI interview if you admit to having used a peer to peer service that existed 20 years ago to download copyrighted content? Yes, it was wrong but if it’s something you admit to having done when “everybody’s doing it” and haven’t done it since you understood it was illegal…that would seem to be mitigated.

Two agencies finding me unsuitable for it would seem to point to that… I lost all my faith in the whole person perspective after this, what a bunch of crap.

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Failed polygraph results can be a major hurdle to clear in a suitability investigation.

Napster? Really, or is there more to your story and you’re just here to vent?

You’ve been found unsuitable by two agencies. This points to your polygraph results and other issues.

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I would guess that there is much more to the story…

Did you just fail the poly or did you admit to anything during it?
Is there anything that the agency might consider to be an ongoing pattern of behavior? (i.e. still illegally downloading)
Is it for a sworn LE position or a position with a focus on computers (CYCOM, MD intel agency etc)? - I hear they are harder on cyber related issues than other agencies

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The whole person concept cannot trump activity the agency deems inappropriate. People put too much weight on the whole person…

Yes Napster. Sorry I am not just here to vent.

Why not, its a great place for ventilation :crazy_face: