Friend with a side hustle in Adult entertainment

I have a worried enlisted friend that decided to make an onlyfans account. (You know the site where people post self made adult content and people can view for a set subscription fee). Now from what I know it’s nothing illegal, but the question was brought up, would it affect a the individual security clearance that is going to need to be reviewed in 2 years? Currently this person has made a whopping 0$ but given time I’m sure that will change.

Does this need to be revealed during a security clearance?

Can they lose their job for having this?

Is having this “side hustle” a bad mark on a background check?

Thanks again for the help! I asked my local security clearance rep at work but he had no answers, cause I guess I’m the first to ask this question.

Even if no money made, the fact this person is engaged in a morally questionable behavior should be disclosed. There’s watching pornography, and in this case, PRODUCING the pornography. Could be a blackmailable endeavor especially if no one knows if it.

No matter what an issue, full disclosure by Subject is better than hearing it from a source or family member.


Watching pornography is morally questionable?

Seems a little, or a lot subjective, no?


Your “friend” is required to report all outside employment as a military member, cleared or not. If she does this and gets the command to sign off - so be it. It would also be the first time in my four decade career I would’ve seen the military say - “okay” for this line of work.

Google “Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Spy”. This involved sailors in Bahrain. Not exactly the same thing, but still along the same lines. Especially list to the Admiral’s speech to the sailors.


Do we still consider porn morally questionable in the year 2020?

I hope so. Virtues (not vices) properly civilized and ethical behaviors, are marks of evolved societies. Porn is proven to harm marriages, relationships, individuals as it objectifies people and denigrates their humanness. To say something is not harmful because it’s “2020” is to say what? That virtues have a time limit?

Lol you know how many people holding TS/SCI let alone secret would be caught up in what you call morally questionable. When done in moderation, it causes no harm. Like many things, when it’s abused and becomes an addiction is when it becomes a problem.


You sort of sound like you want some sort of religious purity test. It seems a little odd to me.


The issue is not whether it is moral or not - the military member can be discharged for behavior “bringing discredit to the Service” and has done so numerous of times over the last four decades. Discredit can be posing nude in a national magazine or “side hustles” that were deemed not acceptable by the Service.

Myself? Don’t care. You asked for advice for a “friend” and was told the “friend” needed to clear ANY employment outside their military duties (just as I have to “clear” my outside hustles as a federal employee). The porn wanna be is no different to the need for reporting than the local venue security job in this case.

Here is a real life Navy case where the Navy member was being investigated for not getting employment clearance while starring in his wife’s porn business. I don’t know the outcome but here is the initial article.

And this guy has a MOH. Googling his name you find he is still dealing with the aftermath of his “side hustle”.


Agree completely. especially in regard to the employment and military. Still find it fascinating how morals and virtues are perceived from one person to the next.


Agreed. The fact that different religions and philosophies EXIST is proof of a certain degree of subjectivity that they carry.

Character conduct ethics integrity judgement trustworthiness…it’s all become a moot point with our current leadership. Some states still have anti sodomy laws on the books and in 15 US states, children under 16 can marry. Morality is a totally subjective moving target intrepreted by each investigator, security officer, adjudicator differently. The investigative/security clearance process is the most imperfect subjective system around and I don’t see how we can ever get around that as long as humans are involved.

Let’s forget about morality for a second and focus on the critical issue: the fastest and most sure-fire way to get in trouble with this stuff is to not to file any required tax returns and and/or pay taxes.

Just ask Al Capone :money_mouth_face:


And not reporting the outside activity (employment)


Or neglecting payment on your student loans!!! They follow you to the grave and beyond.

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Not paying taxes or not filing taxes (even if you don’t owe) when you are required will get an investigator calling you pretty quickly.

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My favorite is the subject who claims they didn’t have to pay a medical bill “because the insurance should have paid it!” And they continue disputing the balance for many years.


I have to keep from rolling my eyes when they argue they are not responsible for the debt because it was more than 7 years ago and now Charged-off.

For those not in the know, charge off in CBR terms means the original creditor has stopped attempts at collection and the debt maybe sold off to collection agency.

Charge off does not mean you no longer owe the debt.


And nothing better than the uncomfortable silence when you ask Subject what their intentions are in regard to the charged off debt. Lol


I fight back the sigh when they say, “I have no intention of paying the debt. It was charged off.”