Full-Scope Polygraph Question Domains

The DoD/NSA refers to this as an ESS, and I found the instruction for it online. It explicitly notes certain domains that can be tested.

DoD Instruction 5210.91

Do non-DoD agencies (e.g. CIA/FBI) have the same or similar guidelines for their full-scope polygraphs?

Also, is the examiner even allowed to ask questions outside of scope of the ESS/FSP questions noted in the guideline while not observing metrics on the machine? (E.g. pre-interview and post-interview)

DoD Intstruction 5210.91 provides that “Questions probing a person’s religious, racial, or political beliefs and lawful affiliations that are not related directly to the investigation are prohibited.”

To the best of my recollection, I haven’t seen such restrictions in any public document published by the CIA or FBI, but I suspect that they probably follow similar guidelines in this respect.