FY 2020 Conclusion

While I’m rather pleased to see this “milestone” within reach, I’m also rather curious about what FY2021 will hold for our field.

I’m loving the phone interviews! When I’m being lied to I don’t have to mask facial expression- it’s awesome!


So what seems to be the contractor landscaping for FY 2021? Who has the work; who is giving appropriate hours to cover the work? Which company is DCSA’s current best friend? Which company has said screw it, we have work elsewhere? Any folds?

So many questions but not enough transparency.



It will be interesting to find out who gets what on each contract. Management is playing a card trick by quietly hiring a bunch of part time and part time on-call yet not returning hours to full time 40 hour people due to “COVID”…my oh my the games which always come back and bite you in the butt. Once the dust settles and I find out where the work is I’m gone.

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Isn’t it time for another contract review? I’m not sure how often that happens. My company has been extremely quiet with specifics. As the magic eight ball guides, the outlook isn’t clear. Another good shake of the sphere should do the trick for a better assessment on the prophecy.

I believe the contract announcements for most agencies should be at the end of September which is the end of fiscal year. We work for the same company and I would love to exchange info but can’t on here.

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I look for, post and appreciate generic understandings of what’s going on with employment activity. At the moment I’m rather jaded but grateful to be employed. Trying to keep everything in check as is appropriate.

Maybe everyone will be touched by good news as we evolve from COVID.

Wonder if an onslaught of investigation needs will happen if the field is reopened?

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My :moneybag: is on the day after the elections for any escape from the COVID lockdown.

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Stumbled on this link today with some interesting info about FY2021 and the Trusted Workforce

DCSA Reduces Background Investigation Prices. Agencies were notified in June 2020 that FY 2021 pricing for background investigations across all five investigative tiers will be reduced 4.6% below previously approved FY 2021 pricing, and 3% below current FY 2020 pricing

Cut the price so customers won’t complain about the continous use of video and phone post lock down.

In person field work, for the most part, is a thing of the past.

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They want more production due to staying home and the case issues are like nothing I’ve ever seen in 20 years which makes higher production difficult. Everyday I wonder how in the world almost ever case I have made it to the field. What’s going on? The only thing I can attribute it to is new management because I’ve never seen this depth of 11 making it to the field even before CE.


Not only that - the trickledown affects of less money available to obtain contracted work for some of us is a concern. As if the lay-offs and reduced hours weren’t enough to cause staffing heartache, will the coming year continue with the caseloads full of time consuming individuals with less than stellar backgrounds? I can relate with RR’s recent assignments- mine too have been issue challenged to the point of complete wonder that such backgrounds could possibly lead to clearance based employment.

A reckoning is at hand and the end result will be unrecognizable to what we know today as a background investigation.

Based on what I’m noticing in these case backgrounds, it could very well be that standards are being lowered as the clearance workforce is altered.

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Seriously, what the heck is going on? I thought it was just me. Case after case of nothing but the worst issues I’ve ever seen.


If you thought the standards were lowered to attack the backlog, imagine what they are now. If DSCA is serious about valuable background investigations, they are not showing it. Lowering the cost will mean lower pay for the BI and increased pressure to close cases. Phone interviews were convenient in some circumstances but now you will have some BI working in their pajamas taking on every case they can get ahold of and pushing the reports through. I, for one, took the job because I did not want to be tied behind a desk but I am afraid those days are gone for DCSA. At lease until another Snowden or Alexis but even then, only the contractor will take a hit.


Four words: Automation and Continous Evaluation (CE).

With more and more employers using the work number, e-verify systems, or not cooperating in general, there will be less reliance upon the field. I’ve also noticed many educational institutions going to the National Student Clearinghouse Database for transcripts.

Throw in CE, and now you remove 35-40% of the total volume of investigations and Investigators.

You’ll have to be retired with an income to remain in the industry, have a secondary income or spouse working, or live nearby an area where there is always a demand for BI’s even with CE and automation.

I think FY21 will be a rough year for everyone especially those trying to do this Full Time.


With the lack of integrity, people’s attitude of I can do whatever I want, lack of parenting, schools raising kids, it will only get worse.