Getting a clearance as a hobbyist rapper

Hello all. I started a position that requires a secret clearance while I currently hold an Interim Secret. As far as my background goes, I am pretty clearn - I have only tried marijuana twice, I have no foreign relationships, no criminal activity, etc.

In my free time, I like to make rap music. Mostly melodic rap type stuff (think Juice WRLD type music). I enjoy this hobby and I really am passionate about it. I have around 1000 followers on soundcloud so some people know me as an underground artist in the scene I guess.

In my music, I have referenced drugs despite doing them, and I also make songs about depression, sadness, guns, and other edgy and easy to run with topics. I say some explicit things because they work in music and people can connect with it. I am worried this may be of some concern during an investigation. I have not had a personal interview to complete my Secret clearance yet and I assume they would ask me about my hobbies and such - I have no issues discussing my love for music and all but overall I guess what I’m wondering is if this could get me denied for a Secret?

It’s not like I’m doing any of the topics I rap about (I know I’m so fake :sob:). I’m just trying to make art that can help people and have them connect to it. I take inspiration from sad melodic music and really want to continue to grow my personal brand.

Any insight on this would be very helpful, I really cannot find much on this topic online. Thank you!

Now this is a new one, bravo!

I highly doubt this will have any bearing on your investigation. If you are interviewed and it comes up, just explain as you did here.


Understood. Yeah I know, there really was not much I could find about this, I guess i’m in the .00001% here!

Crazy, i am in the same boat same type of music and all did you have any lucky? i have to renew my clearance next year so kind of nerve racking.

I said the same thing even before I read your comment.

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