Musician obtaining Secret Clearance

Hi there!
I’m considering a few internships that require a secret clearance. My past is very clean and my family has a history with security clearances.
In my free time, one of my hobbies is making music. Last year, I started communicating with a foreign music label that was interested in distributing one of my albums. I signed an NDA, but I believe I can contact the owner and get permission to discuss our contract with an investigator given the circumstances.
How big of an issue is this? Given this is the only foreign contact I have, and all other areas of my background check are clean, will I have any trouble being considered for a secret clearance? I only ask because I’m not sure how “business” foreign contacts differ in severity to “friendship” foreign contacts.
I also don’t have any intention to release further music in the future and I’m fine with ceasing my whole music project following this release if it causes concern.
Thank you!

Some things to consider here-

Did you make money as a result of your relationship with the foreign label?

You can choose more than one option when describing the foreign contact. They can be both friend and work associate for example.

Likely not a huge problem. However if you aren’t willing to talk about the details when asked it may seem like you’re being secretive. I know you mentioned signing an NDA but I’d make sure to figure out a way to be open and honest so as to not seem like you’re hiding anything.

Overall I doubt this would be any big issue for you.