Giving employer notice

I am going through a public trust background and my current employer will be contacted. The recruiter for the job I am applying to told me not to give my 2 week notice until my public trust clears, which can take 2-3 weeks. However, since my manager will be contacted, should I let her know that I am seeking another job and she may be contacted or wait until the background clears? She will know that I am planning to leave since she will be contacted by the investigator however I am not certain if I have the job until my background does in fact clear. I know I will pass the background since I already have two public trusts with 2 other agencies.

You’re right she’ll find out whether you say anything or not. If your manager is a jerk and might fire you wait until after your interview to tell her about the other job, that way it will be closer to the time you get the new job from the 85 and you won’t be off work long.