Giving up Alcohol - SF86 Drug Section


I am a college senior currently filling out my SF86 for a secret clearance. I have some previous drug use that I am putting but I have been clean for several years. Around a year ago I also stopped drinking alcohol, would it be appropriate to mention this in the drug section of the SF86, under the extra comments. The getting ride of alcohol was for religious reasons. Would it be appropriate to add this to the drug section as well.

Thank you

Did you ever go into formal counseling? If you did I would mention it. If you were sanctioned religiously I would put in the extra information. I was sanctioned by my church and underwent religious counseling. My ecclesiastical leader is not a professional in alcohol counseling. I have completed the appropriate steps mitigate all future occurrences. I would put your religious leaders name and phone number down.

Your drug use make sure you list if you have had any counseling…

I’m a fan of over reporting but I disagree with listing a behavior that is not necessarily called into question or one falling short of a standard. However, that said, KrazyK is on to something about the counseling portion. If you received counseling and that was the fork in the road to identify alcohol as an issue and you stopped drinking it may bear mentioning and they may pay a visit to the counselor with your signed release for medical information. Successfully completing a 12 step program (for example) is a successful mitigation for a diagnosis of alcoholism. So this counseling may come into play, but if you were drinking legally, and not acting in a manner calling into question your reliability, decision making, personal conduct…and not drinking to drunkenness, public intoxication, DUI, domestic disturbances with drinking indicated…you may be offering info not required.

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Yeah I have never had a problem with alcohol in any way. So I don’t have any example of a counseling or 12 step program. I just chose to stop drinking as the next step in my religious journey, so to speak. Just thought it would be good thing to add as a character detail.

It can be a coin toss on some issues. I would recommend if it amplifies a positive, or mitigates a potential negative, by all means report it. It may be that tiny gram of weight on the plus side of the scale tipping a decision in your favor.

There is no reason to mention you stopped drinking alcohol under the drug use question. It does not help you.

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I agree as the SF-86 has a whole section regarding Alcohol Use specifically. Drug use, on the SF-86, pertains primarily to illegal drug use and/or misuse of prescription drugs.