Going from contractor to Fed

What is the expected GS level for someone with 2.5 years of experience and a masters degree in intel?

Go to USAJOBS and put in the schedule number it will five you the range

GS-9 maybe look at the announcements for federal jobs

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Within the IC, at least a GS-9. With a Ph.D., you can start at a GS-11.

A good rule of thumb is that the IC starts at 2 GS grades above what employment at “open” federal agencies would start at, for equivalent levels of education.

i dont agree with your last statement.

Work expirence can also be used. I applied to some DHS jobs with no govt experience and received an email from OPM that I qualified for GS 12, and I only hold a bachelors.

Well at least that was the case when I was being considered for IC work. The rule of thumb was an automatic GS-7 for a B.A., GS-8 for any amount of grad. school, GS-9 for a Master’s, and GS-11 for a Ph.D. That was about two full GS grades ahead of what “open” agencies were paying, assuming that these even took your education level into consideration at all.

Actually, GS-5… Bachelor’s or equivalent… unless you have at least a 3.0 GPA, then GS-7. At least a year of grad school, will be GS-6 to GS-8.

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I would suggest you to look up Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations (https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/5/chapter-I/subchapter-B).

Anyway, without knowing the job series, it is tough to answer. Nonetheless, since you have a Master’s degree, a GS-9 is a starting point. If you tried to apply for GS 11 and up based on your Master’s degree and experience, Human Resources representatives will routinely place you in lower tiered group or find you unqualified because you will be competing against better qualified folks. Good luck.

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I confess to getting a great belly laugh reading fed job descriptions claiming a Phd blesses me with targeted pay of a GS-9 or 11. Maybe in tough times. But that boiler plate statement about ridiculously high levels of education required…to work at a GS-11 level…is ludicrous. There are plenty GS-13 equivalent pay positions where a BS degree is sufficient. So…the answer is…it depends. If you are 22 or 23 fresh out of school…the GS 9 through 11 is likely appealing. And a good place to start. Education is great…experience seems to be the big mitigation. It levels the playing field and can result in much higher pay. Fresh out of the military with a BS degree and 20 year record of excellence along with a TS enabled me to start at a 13 level of pay in the contract world. I’ve had some hills and valleys these past 15 years based on contract vagaries…at times I was paid like a 15. Other times in a down economy much closer to a high 11 or low 12. Currently back at mid 13 level…which seems to be about as good as local hiring can get.

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