Got arrested with a felony charge for domestic violence while holding a TS/SCI

This is a horrible situation that is not my fault nor was I at all violent. I called the police to get my ex removed from my house. We both got arrested. I am out on bail. It is a felony charge.

What am I required to do? I want to resign my job and deal with this. What are the consequences if I did not report it? Is it a felony if I did not immediately report the arrest and charge? I know I would lose my clearance, and I just want to resign my job.

Talk to a Lawyer. Do not make an emotional decision.

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Also, I am scheduled for a CI poly this week in DC. I do not think i could reschedule. If they asked me if I have been arrested…

Thank you to anyone who can give any advice.

On the whole . . . The truth is ALWAYS your friend. Don’t resign from your job. That’s about the worst thing that you can do. You will have a chance to explain the entire situation and you will likely resolve the arrest/charges before anything significant happens.

But, you NEED to report this! The worst thing that you can do is look like you are hiding it.

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Thank you. I hired a lawyer who specializes in clearance issues, and he gave the same advice. He helped me draft a statement, and I submitted today. So far, I still have my job. I am waiting to learn if my clearance will be suspended, but so far, it is looking good.

I don’t think anyone will take any action until the case is resolved. Then, the facts of the case as seen by the court will also be taken into account.

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