misdemeanor domestic violence charge and secret clearance

I know none of you has a crystal ball but I’m pretty worried.

Six months ago I got into an argument with my teenage daughter outside over her cell phone (she refused to hand it to me) and the neighbor called the police. I grabbed her and took it out of her hand and I was arrested for felony family violence. I reported this to my employer as required and my clearance, which is a condition of my employment, was not revoked and I still have a job.

My charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. CPS got called and has closed the case. I thought my lawyer had a deal worked out but now it’s looking like there will be a trial for the misdemeanor charge.

I have an office job and do not work with firearms. I have no past criminal record. I do, currently, have a secret clearance. The people, whoever they are, that are above my employer have now come back and want further details on this case.

As I said, I self reported but I may get a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence. Would this likely lead to a removal of my clearance (and loss of my job)?

Obviously I can’t speak for adjudicators cause who knows. But as far as your investigation goes it’ll definitely be an issue to deal with. List it correctly and be honest. You’ll have to go through all the details with the investigator and identify two people who know about what happened.