Got my Clearance

Not a question or anything, just an update to help anyone out if they’re in the same boat since I got a lot of good info from this site. Was denied an interim in May 2019 and was just told I got my full secret today 10/22/2019. Had smoked marijuana 3 times back in 2015 and sold 20 pills of Adderall for $1 in April 2018, with a prescription. I was super transparent and explained everything, and other than those incidents had a pretty clean record.

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congratulations :tada:
can you share - how long were you in the adjudication phase??

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Nice. What level of clearance? Also, mind saying with gov agency?

I checked in with my FSO in August and then I suddenly got told today I had a Secret. Never got told how long I was in adj but I’m guessing 2-3 months?


Congrats! When did you have your interview?

It was working with a Project funded by the DoD for a secret, so I’m assuming the DoD. They kinda initiated the process then left me in the dark so I’m not 100% sure.

Had my interview June 18th.

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Congrats man! Can you specify if it is IC, LE, or PT, if possible.