Graduate Student in need of help to secure a summer internship with clearance

I am studying Intelligence and Security at the Patterson School for Diplomacy and International commerce. In order to get the kind of employment I am hoping for I need to secure clearance through a summer internship. I’ve applied to the more well known internships, but I was wondering if there were any lesser known agencies or contractors that are recruiting for summer 2021. If anyone had any information, or if any recruiters are looking and would like a resume or to chat, please let me know! Any help would be hot. Thank you!

Your best bet would be to inquire through the school… I would think that any graduate school (and the faculty) would be well-connected with lots of internship opportunities.

I’m definitely speaking with them, but I’m also trying to expand my options as much as possible. The size of the program here makes the options the school has quite limited I’m afraid.